Eight Fifteen

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  1. Great fonts! Thank you for offering them. This one is very useful.

  2. I downloaded 3 of yur fonts. Thank you very much for having them and for sharing them with all of us.


  3. 3

    Thank you so much for the fonts. It is nice to get some very unique fonts, and WOW, for FREE!!! I really appreciate it!

    Eightfifteen is really great!

  4. victoria
    at 12:18:19 pm

    omg beautiful
    I’m not using it for scrapbook, more to get me a tattoos but these are great!
    thank you sooooooooooo much :D

  5. 5

    Sus tipografias son preciosas y muy personales, estoy agradecida.
    Your fonts are so cute and personal, thanks lot!

  6. very unique, I am so lucky to have found you!

  7. This font is just what I am looking for! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  8. I just downloaded a few of your fonts, they are adorable!! How did I not know about your blog earlier! I used this one in my blog header https://elegantinvite.wordpress.com/ check it out!

  9. thank you so much for this1 :)

  10. Very good! Enjoy.. :D

  11. 11

    Amazing and adorable font. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  12. mapleRose
    at 12:50:02 pm

    LOVE this one! Thanks for the others I have grabbed, too. Plus thanks for such easy downloads!

  13. OMG , I m in font paradise!!!! thanks SO much!!!

  14. very unique, I am so lucky to have found you!

  15. 15

    Great font – thanks so much for sharing with us!!

  16. 16

    thank you such a cute font!

  17. I just found your site and I love it. Thank you for all the wonderful fonts. Have a fab Monday!

  18. 18

    Thank you!!