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  1. laurie peirick
    at 11:26:13 am

    YOU ROCK!!!! Your fonts are the BEST!!!! I get commpliments all the time and I say, “check out Kevin and amanda’s website”. Thank you for sharing your talents. God’s blessings, Laurie

  2. Wow! This is my first time being at Kevin and Amanda, But I love it! thanks for all of the cute tips.

  3. tami cromar
    at 1:29:09 pm

    hi there, i met erica in ut & found your site from her blogs! Great job & thanks for sharing!! I had a ques about the font you used on theis page i.e. label, help ect, Love it!! I can not stop downloading all your darling fonts! THX Tami :)

  4. Dina Vic
    at 12:28:50 pm

    I love your fonts! they are so cute! :) My notebooks will look so pretty! thanks! :)

  5. FaNtastic and a very good job!
    tq 4 making it free 4 all those fonts!!!
    really appreciate it!!
    god bless 4 both of you..

  6. Hi! I just found you on Coffee Shop today. These fonts are gorgeous! Thanks for being so generous!

  7. Thanksss:) this is soooo cute! :)

  8. hi!
    mr.google introduce me to you when i’m searching a way to put a nice font on my site. then i learned that you’re also creating cute and lovely fonts. next thing i know, i’ve downloaded bunch of fonts from you, even tho i still hasn’t figure out which i’m gonna use for my site. they’re all cute and eye-catchy!
    thank you very very much!

    i can’t believe they’re all free, you both are so generous. happy to have found you :)

  9. ahhh, i just love this site so mUCH!

  10. ariadnaq
    at 12:21:50 pm

    YOU’re fonts are the besttt!

  11. your collection of fonts are SO CUTE & FANTASTIC. thanks so much ;-)

  12. I love your fonts! This one I used to embroider a shirt for my daughter. I gave it to her for Christmas and it was a BIG hit! She loved it! And I love it … the font came out really nice!!! I also made a tutorial for the shirt and put a link into my post to your site. If you want to check it out https://muffinsnmore.blogspot.com/2010/01/mini-tutorial-for-embroidered-shirt.html
    Can’t wait for new fonts! They are gorgeous!!!

  13. Sarah Jane
    at 2:09:34 pm

    Thank you so much for explaining the process of downloading your fonts. I chose my first one yesterday and managed to download it without having to ask my husband for any help – a real morale boost! I am looking forward to spending much more time browsing your site. Thank you for your generosity. With my very best wishes

  14. i really love your fonts!!! you are super generous!

  15. Kimberly P
    at 4:40:42 pm

    I LOVE your WHOLE site!
    Thank you sooooooooo much for providing this!!!!!

  16. Loving all your fonts!!!!!! They are gorgeous!!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

    My blog is now sporting your button!! ;)

  17. 17

    i LOVE all your fonts, they’re fantastic!
    thanks so much for all this and for sharing them for free… that’s amazing!!

  18. Kimberly
    at 10:59:59 am

    Once I download a zip file for the font, complete the windows installation of the font, can I then go back and delete the original zip file of the font or the downloaded file so as not to eat up my memory? (i’ve about maxed my hard drive space)

  19. I love your page, it’s so original, your awesome (:
    i really really love your page (:
    GOOD JOB ;)

  20. 20

    You are so sweet and thank you so much for your generosity! Your fonts are awesome!! You’re a doll and so appreciated! Thank you for sharing!:)
    Hugs, Irene

  21. love it so much

    so cute !!>.<

  22. Virginia
    at 7:46:47 pm

    OMG these fonts are sooooooooo cute! They really stand out! Thx 4 making them FREE! (:

  23. I love this font – when I did my blog makeover I used it! It’s my favorite, thankyou! :)

  24. Thanks!!!

  25. Cute fonts! Thanks for sharing with everyone!

  26. I am AMAZED. I had no idea about this whole world of fonts or anything. I thought I knew so much. I am definitely Sweetly Surprised by you and your website. I can already tell you are a sweetheart by your craft, work, website, and generosity. Thank you for everything, already! I will definitely spread the world. With love!

  27. kastagnette
    at 8:29:20 am

    Superbe police, merci beaucoup

  28. 28

    Superbe police, merci de la partager !

  29. 29

    Merci beaucoup.

  30. 30

    Thank you so much for your generosity~you are so sweet to share all these fonts with us. I just discovered your site, and you have a new follower now!

  31. 31

    Thank you.. wish my handwriting was this nice!!

  32. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Avanti Morocha
    at 10:31:24 am

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful fonts

  34. Anjung Vineka Kendyozzy
    at 12:22:09 pm

    I love this so much. Thanks for sharing these! :)