Font FAQ

How do I use the fonts?

First, be sure you have downloaded and installed them correctly by carefully following these directions. Then they will show up in the font drop down box of your favorite program– like Word or Photoshop.

You can also use the fonts on your Blogger/Blogspot blog!! Here’s how. :)

I followed the directions but it’s still not working.

So sorry about that! I can assure you that when correctly installed, the fonts do work in all programs on Mac OSX, Windows XP and Windows Vista. But if it’s not working for you, it’s likely a problem with your computer or operating system. Unfortunately without seeing your computer in person, there’s really no way to know what the problem could be. If you are receiving a specific error message,  try typing the exact message you get into Google. You can also post your question in a tech support forum where the computer geniuses hang out! :)

When I try to use a font, the top and bottom are being cut off.

It’s possible you have an old version of the font. Please delete that font and download the newest version from here: Fonts for Peas or here: Free Scrapbook Fonts.

What program do you use to make fonts?

Font Creator Pro

Updated on: September 16, 2010


  1. The error message I receive says “The font is currently being used and cannot be replaced. Wait until Windows is finished using the file then try again.” Any ideas? I’ll try the google search as well. Ok, tried the Google search and they are saying it might be a permission issue, since I’m on my work computer. Love the fonts!! Thanks!

  2. why isn’t the third column font changing like the rest of it?

  3. Is there a way to have my post title icon still show up when using your font script for blogger? I have an icon thing that shows up just prior to the title of each post. When I did the font thing (which is very cool, well done!) it made it disappear. I really would like to have the image before the title and the code is just little to add it so I thought maybe it could be added to the code for the font thing?

  4. Garnet Brumfield
    at 9:50:10 pm

    how do you use the doodles?

  5. 5

    Is there any way I can just download every font on this site? o.o

  6. Hi! I love the fonts! I just recently changed my blog, and I want to change the color of the titles, of the fonts I already have. I changed the code at But the color didn’t change. Is there something more that I need to do?

    Thanks so much!

  7. I just got a new computer. I thought I had everything off the old one so my hubby formated it – and then I remembered all my fonts! I was so bugged! And then I opened one of my scrapbooks and realized that all the fonts were automatically set back to Times. I googled “scrapbook fonts” and yours was the second one it found. I was SOOOOO excited to see “A Little Pot” – probably the font I use more than any other. Yeah! Now I have most of my fun fonts back and my scrapbooks will still work! Thank you SOOO much for all you do!

  8. 8

    Thank you so much! I downloaded both the Fonts for Peas and the Scrapbooking Fonts. I can’t believe you do this for free, but Thank you! Looking forward to many more cool fonts! I love your blog and all your cool ideas!

    You’re Awesome!

  9. Are you ever interested in a font of calligraphy? Or would it be too thick/ block-like to run through your vector program?

  10. How do i save a font as unzipped?

  11. Alana Engle
    at 1:04:29 pm

    Ha-nevermind…just figured it out!

  12. On several of these fonts that I have tried so far, certain characters do not print. For example, the parenthesis just is a large space. This has been the case on three or four that I have tried (including Missed Your Exit, as an example). Am I doing something wrong?

  13. Niki Baldwin
    at 11:18:58 am

    I followed all the steps for Windows Vista but when it came to ‘right click & install’, the install button never shows up. I’ve deleted and re-downloaded a few times but the same results. Is there another way of installing?

  14. 14

    If a font is submitted AND chosen, do you have an idea of how long it usually takes for you to email/report back that the font was created? (days, weeks months?)


  15. Sharon Hopkins
    at 11:09:47 pm

    i recently received a Mac instead of a PC and not all my fonts will change over. Can your fonts be used on a Mac?

  16. Claudia Landenberger
    at 1:31:04 pm

    Is there a list of what fonts were used in your recipes. I would like to use some of the fonts in a scrapbook I am making. Just wondering.

  17. 17

    I just wonder what is the font for the word ‘scrapbook’ on the {free scrapbook fonts} title please? i was looking for it but i have no clue about it. please help :)

  18. Thank you SOOOO for these awesome fonts!!

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