Wish I Were Taller

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  1. Hi. I’ve been having trouble trying to download the fonts. I’ve read everything through and even read the tutorial “How do I use the fonts??”. I have windows vista and firefox and I get through every step but the last one. I cannot get “install” to appear when i right-click on the font file. I know you cannot see my computer but do you have any suggestions as to what I’m doing wrong? Thank you! Abby

  2. 2

    hi, i love this site! i downloaded the fonts (i have safari on a Mac) but when i go to word and scroll to find the fonts i can’t find them even though the download went smoothly. oh and if i actually type in the font name it works but still if there’s a way to get the fonts on the list please let me know. thank you!!!! i seriously adore this site, you’re awesome :)

  3. These are some of the cutest fonts I’ve ever seen! I am jumping up and down right now…Thanks so much!!!!!

  4. Courtney
    at 8:42:06 pm

    This is super cute for my graphics!!! (:
    Thanks! ♥

  5. Thanks so much for these great fonts! I fell in love whit the: “Wish I Were Taller font” I think I am going to use it much :D

  6. Alisa from Germany
    at 9:00:49 am

    Thank you sooo much for sharing!
    I fell for all your fonts and I just love your blog and your Bostons!
    You are very gifted! :)
    THANX :*

  7. 7

    The same thing that happened to Abby happened to me! I can’t get that last step could you tell me what to do?

  8. I love your website! Thanks so much for the fonts! I LOVE THEM ALL!

  9. dear Kevin and Amanda,

    wow! your fonts are truly beautiful!

    i LOVELOVELOVE them sooo much!!

    i really was hoping to find out what font you use in your “labels”,

    like; search, top 10, fonts, about us!! is that a font you have in your collection?? please help!

    ~all my LOVE, respect and prayers <3 Jiinxsay

  10. Kimberly
    at 5:04:18 pm

    hey ya’ll! you have to restart your computer in order for your fonts to show up and use them. hope this helps!

  11. Suzanna Trice
    at 6:48:56 am

    Are you guys remembering to “extract files” before right clicking? That might solve your problem.

  12. Hello! I adore this font and love your site! I thought you may be interested in seeing your handiwork in action. Here’s the url: https://fleurdelo.blogspot.com/2010/12/cookie-tags.html

    Thanks for your generosity with your great fonts!


  13. love love these fonts – still finding new ones that I don’t have. Thanks

  14. 14

    I just adore all these fonts, but I can’t get them to load. I get to the end and I even restarted my computer…what could I be doing wrong?

  15. Thanks for introducing me to these cute fonts! I have a cricut cartridge that is just like smiley monster! It will be perfect for journaling!!!

  16. Jennifer
    at 6:48:29 am

    So adorable! Thank you so much!

  17. Parabéns pelo site maravilhoso,

  18. so cute! :)

  19. such cute fonts! i’m downloading from safari…open your font book and drag the font from download into the font book….i’ve even checked on my pages to make sure the font is there…hope that helps :)

  20. i downloaded the fonts (i have safari on a Mac) but when i go to word and scroll to find the fonts i can’t find them even though the download went smoothly. What do I do?

  21. 21

    I LOVE the “wish i were taller” font. I see they are totally free (I downloaded it a while ago and wanted to check back) but does that apply if I use it while creating a document, then put it on Tpt? I guess, what is your policy on all your fonts as long as credit is given? Is there a fee to use commercially? Thanks, and thank you for all the cute fonts!