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  1. Michellee
    at 10:27:08 am

    OMG thanks for all the cooll fonts… not even the more popular website have as good font like you guys!! your fonts are so oringinal and fantasticc! keep up the great work :D! i<3yurFOnts(;

  2. Gracias,gracias,gracias¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
    hermosas todas las fuentes, lo que he buscado antes y solamente ustedes lo tienen.
    cariñosamente norma

  3. 3

    Thanks, you are so generous.

  4. Thank you for these lovely and beautiful fonts! What artistic people you are! So much appreciated! :)

  5. Nice fonts! I especially like the fonts that have the word ‘Grace’, after all, my name is Grace! They are very nice and I like to use them when writing my own little notes on Word. They do resemble my handwriting a bit :P Thanks for all these wonderful fonts!