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  1. Perfect! Thanks so much!

  2. Kimberly
    at 10:52:34 am

    Is there anyway to make an expanded version (by 1 pt.) of “hey gorgeous”? I can expand it within Word but am unable to in Excel 2007 and sometimes, if I’m using a smaller font size the letters are too crowded.


  3. Is not that a font from the game Super Paper Mario for Nintendo Wii? I’m sure at 80%.

  4. nisa blue
    at 5:46:38 am

    just found your site.It’s so beautiful, cute and exciting. THANK YOU, you have helped me make my blog better, not boring anymore. I stil got alot to learn, and I am sure I can find helps here. You rock, Amanda (and Kevin) :)

  5. raki-kat
    at 4:41:44 pm

    is it avalible for ms paint?

  6. Absolutely cute!

  7. Haha the font for Paper Mario! Sweet! =D

  8. Chloé
    at 6:44:17 pm

    Ŧhank you so much for these gorgeous fonts !

  9. This is the font used in two of the Paper Mario games. I’ve been searching for it for quite a while.

  10. Emmanoel
    at 12:26:06 pm

    This is the font used in Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door! :O