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  1. 1

    Love this font! So cute >.<

  2. Love it :) I’m going to get ALOT of use out of this! Thanks Amanda :)

  3. Lovely font!

  4. Help! I downloaded one font to my blog (per your directions for a Mac) and used it in Word immediately. Now, no matter how many different ways or different fonts I try…I can’t get the others to open up! It says they’re installed but when I go to the font list, they don’t show up. The original one is still there and all I had to do was click on it and it worked. Any ideas?? I love your stuff! Thanks!!


  5. Oops…haven’t used it on my blog yet, just in Word for my kindergarten recording sheets. (I’m a little brain-dead tonight!!) ;)

  6. Just adorable… thank you.

  7. Laura (sandytoz)
    at 9:00:35 pm

    Love this font!!

  8. 8

    perfect for my daughter Ella ;-)

  9. Thanks that I can use these fonts! :)
    I’m working on a scrapbook for my nieces when they turn 18 years old :) memories from their birth up till their 18th birthday and these fonts are really great to use! :) so thanks again!

  10. really perfect fonts for creating wedding invitation

  11. Christi Grace
    at 5:43:36 pm

    This one is cute for a kid themed page I’m working on, thanks!

    at 2:50:31 pm

    Kevin & Amanda

    … son geniales
    … gracias